Almost four years ago, Jon Watts and Chris Ford  made a trailer for for a fake horror film called Clown. Now, with an assist from producer Eli Roth, they’ve turned it into a feature-length film. Because, you know, the genre doesn’t have enough nightmare clowns – yet.

The premise? Well, the trailer above [since pulled by the studio, dammit] tells you everything you need to know. It’s a good one.

Jon Watts directs, from a script he wrote with Christopher D. Ford. The film stars Peter Stormare, Laura Allen, Elizabeth Whitmere, Christine Distefano, Chuck Shamata, and Andy Power. No release date has yet been announced.

UPDATE JAN. 14TH, 2014: The new trailer was pulled by its studio, The Weinstein Company. Which means all we have for now is the original…

UPDATE JAN. 17TH, 2014: Found another link to the official new trailer. It’s not on YouTube, though, so it  won’t embed here – you’ll have to venture off-site to get to it.