Gourmet Horror presents... 31 Days, 31 Films: October Short Horror Film Fest 2014October is the month for the true horror gourmet. In celebration of All Hallows Eve—and all things terrifying—Gourmet Horror is presenting a different short horror film for each day of the month. Make yourself a tasty snack, draw the blinds, turn out all the lights…and watch, if you dare.

We conclude the first week of our October Short Horror Film Fest with a very short, highly effective take on that most primal of all fears:

Fear of the dark.

‘Lights Out’ is an entry into Bloody Cuts’ ‘Who’s There? A Horror Short Film Challenge,’ submitted by Swedish director David Sandberg.  It is built around a simple concept executed uncommonly well, including a convincing performance from Lotta Losten. After watching it, you may want to make sure you have adequate illumination… everywhereRUNTIME: 2:41