TAGLINE for SLIT: “Just One Cut…Can Kill.”

WHAT’S ON THE MENU: Garish color palette, hot girl-on-girl action, and a black-gloved fist menacing with a straight razor? These are a few of our favorite things.

SYNOPSIS (from press materials): “Passion and murder are in store for two party girls whose steamy sexual encounter turns bloody when a black-gloved killer follows them home.”

SLIT‘ is an erotic, giallo-influenced short horror film that debuts online for free at 7 PM CST, March 20th, 2015.

From Daredevil Films, ‘SLIT‘ stars Lillian Lamour and Miranda Cox (‘Falling Stars’). It  was written, edited, and directed by Colin Clarke,  with cinematography by Brent Jepsen; the duo previously teamed on 2013’s ‘Witchfinder.’ It features an 80’s-tinged, synth-heavy score by Andrew Kalbfus.

UPDATE: Forget about the trailer. Here’s the full short, in all its tawdry, gory, naked glory. Enjoy!


And here’s the official poster:

Official poster for erotic horror short 'SLIT' (2015)