We should have posted this 10 days ago, since events in the film take place on and around a Fourth of July party. Alas, we were vacationing in a technological backwater called New York City, where the Internet has yet to establish so much as a beachhead. (Seriously. You can look it up.)

In any event, this one looks like fun.

WHAT’S ON THE MENU: Here’s the official synopsis:

Matthew Moon is a Distiller, a specialized exterminator who catches all manner of ghosts, goblins and monsters by distilling their spirits into bottles of liquor. For a fee he’ll trap and remove anything not-of-this-world from your home. But spirits can only be contained, not destroyed.
Twenty years after his mysterious disappearance Matt has been declared legally dead, leaving his cabin and all possessions therein to his unwitting niece; including an enigmatic collection of liquor bottles, stored in the basement, which she plans to open up and serve at her Fourth of July party…

‘Distiller’ is a classic ghost story in the vein of ‘Poltergeist’ and ‘The Fog.’ With likeable characters and old school out-of-this-world creature effects adding heightened realism and “a special kind of creepy.”

Filmed at various locations in upstate New York and on Long Island in late 2012, the small cast and crew lived at the cabin they were filming in during the shoot, enabling the production to proceed at a fast pace, completing principal photography in 13 days.

Movie length: 90 minutes. Directed by Andy Schroeder, produced by Erin Schroeder, written by Andy Schroeder and Steve Sacco. Distiller stars Amy CiupekDan Noonan, and Sacco.

Dan Noonan and Amy Ciupek in 'Distiller' (2014)

Dan Noonan and Amy Ciupek in ‘Distiller’

So how does one go about seeing Distiller? We asked writer/director Schroeder whether it was in theatrical release, on VOD or optical media. His response:

Distiller hasn’t been released just yet. We’re currently working on arranging a world premiere and waiting to hear if we’ve been accepted at certain festivals.

Our plan is to be available on digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Playstation, Xbox, etc.) later this year and we’re diligently working on that…

For the meantime we’re putting out a weekly comic strip Wednesdays on Twitter and Facebook [links below] that ties into the movie. It isn’t necessary for understanding the movie, but those who do read it will get more out of watching Distiller.