Image from Where Is It (2017) horror short
Image from Where Is It (2017) horror short

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WHAT’S ON THE MENU FOR ‘WHERE IS IT’: The proliferation of smartphones has made a serious impact on the horror genre. No longer can writers fully isolate characters without writing in some hackneyed “NO SIGNAL” cheat. Also, because the video quality has gotten quickly and drastically better, more and more horror films – in particular, horror shorts – are being shot on smartphones. Augmented Reality (AR) horror games superimpose horrific imagery over the live video your smartphone’s camera is capturing. But where smartphones are really making a mark is in the subject matter of the films themselves. Is it really healthy to be connected at all times? To be tethered to work concerns and home concerns without pause? To check for texts or social media updates dozens or even hundreds of times a day?

Which brings us to video chats, deployed to great effect in the mega-popular horror short Skypemare a few years back. (Yes, we know its Skype conversation was on a laptop rather than a smartphone, but the concept is the same.) And in today’s featured short, Where Is It, two friends converse via FaceTime – and things do not go well. It’s a cool exercise in filmmaking boundaries, since the entire story is told through a single, unbroken FaceTime session.

Where Is It is co-directed by Todd Spence and Zak White, and stars Whitney Gries, Travina Springer, and Patrick Keane. Next you break a mirror, make sure it isn’t coveted by… something. RUNTIME: 3:29

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Image from horror short Where Is It (2017)