High-concept indie thriller ‘Safe Place’ (2018) seeks crowdfunding

High-concept indie thriller ‘Safe Place’ (2018) seeks crowdfunding

TAGLINE FOR SAFE PLACE: “One person’s haven is another person’s Hell.”

WHAT’S ON THE MENU: Safe Place brings together a team with a proven track record (producer Johnny Macabre is the man behind cult fave Be My Cat: A Film for Anne) and a cast featuring two genre veterans: Ashley Mary Nunes (Scary Larry, All Through the House) and the legendary (and always busy) Bill Oberst Jr. (Scream Queens, Take This Lollipop, and many, many more). And the premise sounds especially fertile:

Lori and her friends have their whole lives ahead of them. Or so they think: When art student Lori Hughes sells a piece at her first show, it seems to be the beginning of a promising career. Better still, the purchaser, Chris Craven, is a wealthy eccentric who invites Lori and her friends back to his rustic lodge for a night of celebration and planning for the future. Unbeknownst to the friends, Chris’ homey façade hides an inner torment-a rage against the world following a senseless tragedy that forever altered him. As the evening wears on and memories of the past begin to consume him, Chris resolves to spare Lori and her friends the same suffering that he’s endured in his life-by ending theirs.

Safe Place is currently in pre-production. According to director/co-writer Nick Hunt (this is his feature film debut), the plan is to secure funding and begin filming in the fall of 2017. Eventual release is slated for sometime in 2018.

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