Happy holidays from our eventual robot overlords at Boston Dynamics!

Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” quite like a festive sleigh. And nothing says “WTF?” like having that sleigh pulled by three prancing, four-legged…robots?

Festive or frightening? You be the judge.

Waltham, MA-based Boston Dynamics originated as a spin-off from MIT, but is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Google, Inc. Their stock in trade is robots. Groundbreaking robots that move and maneuver like animals (including humans), anthropomorphic enough to elicit feelings of… wonder? Uncanniness? Unease? Whatever your reaction, you have to be at least a little in awe of the concepts¬†they’re working on.


Gourmet Playlist for Halloween, Part 1

For true horror gourmets like us, Halloween is our holiday of choice. And one key to a successful Halloween is the soundtrack. Feast your ears, dear friends, on Part 1 of our Halloween playlist (you can find Part 2 right here)…

Death TripCockney Rebel (1973)
Obscure it up with this nearly 10-minute opus, a little-known slice of the macabre from an all-but-forgotten band. It features a fantastic orchestral arrangement and some truly morbid lyrics. Also, pay attention to drummer Stuart Elliot’s work here – it’s pretty great.