Image from Selfie from Hell (2015) horror short
Image from Selfie from Hell (2015) horror short

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WHAT’S ON THE MENU: A brilliant addition to the growing family of smartphone-centric horror shorts, Selfie From Hell takes a simple premise and spins it into a highly effective horror short. In less than two minutes, it pulls the viewer into a baffling mystery with a violent outcome, paying off with one of the best jump scares in horror short history.

Erdal Ceylan wrote and directed this short, and Meelah Adams stars. Since being posted on YouTube in August 2015, Selfie from Hell has racked up more than 20 millions views and an impressive number of festival awards. In a twist paralleling Swedish director David F. Sandberg‘s viral success with 2013’s brilliant short Lights Out, Ceylan is currently finishing up post-production on a feature-length film based on the original short, with Adams returning as one of its stars. It’s slated for release sometime next year, and the inaugural trailer may be viewed below.

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